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product description
● Large LCD display;
● eight functional set their own, easy to operate;
● increase ear clip step-down, immune regulation, the effect is very significant;
● Powerful, good effect;
● Features: it combines a large number of clinical practice adopts modern microelectronics technology research and development of the latest generation of health care quality based on physics, bionics, bio-electricity, traditional Chinese meridian theory. It has acupuncture, thump, massage, cupping, massage, Gua Sha, slimming, immune function, and originality developed a room temperature infrared spectrum electrode, the therapeutic effect of a deeper, more profound skill, the effect is more beautiful. Suitable for people of all ages, with the whole family to share a machine, is necessary in elderly home health supplies. The product supports battery, charger two power modes, large LCD displays in both Chinese and English mode, the other with 15 minutes automatic power saving device, simple and practical.

⑴ application of digital technology, the human body needs physical factors into precise digital signals, and then by the computer according to the human need for comprehensive treatment, to ensure the accuracy of the treatment, which greatly improves the effectiveness of treatment;
  ⑵ with large-screen LCD, include strength, function, model, treatment, time, Chinese and English display system, the human meridian points diagrams;
  ⑶ using infrared electrode patches, covering a larger area;
  ⑷ unique "immune regulation" function, strengthen and coordinating body resistance, help the body overcome the foreign bacteria, viruses and other pathogens;
  ⑸ wonderful wave combination, allowing you to truly understand acupuncture, thump, real feeling massage, cupping, massage, Gua Sha, slimming, immune regulation;
  ⑹ LCD meridian map to guide treatment. Be treated according to the symptoms of different points, if you just need to massage to address fatigue, you can choose according to point or point map in place of pain can be very convenient.
Applicable conditions
1. A variety of acute and chronic diseases: hypertension, rheumatism, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, nerve.
2. physical discomfort: general fatigue, neurasthenia, back pain, neck pain, leg pain.
3. treatment modalities designed to relieve muscle pain, especially on the neck, back, waist and all joints pain patients have a very effective treatment, the unique setting program by different waveforms by alternating combination of release the people truly appreciate the feeling of manual massage, soft pulse can improve blood circulation, promote smooth the meridians, with special effects and help alleviate fatigue.
This low frequency treatment device can help you soothe and effectively relax the neck, promote blood circulation and neck, cervical spine is well maintained, the prevention of cervical disease. Just 10-20 minutes a day watching TV, reading, using a computer you can use, simple and economical. It is designed with 8 modes, you can freely choose the kind of love, to get more comfortable massage effect.
Gentle Soothing safe and comfortable
It is based on traditional Chinese medicine BNI, Huoxuetongluo scattered wind painkillers principle, external wire electrode sheet, the physical application of electronic acupuncture massage principle, the use of low-frequency tuning computer punch, imitating acupuncture massage six basic techniques, repeatedly neck disc, cervical nerve roots, vertebral, vertebral artery and cervical sympathetic points usefully computer punch acupuncture massage. When using relaxation, but also get a very good maintenance effect.

Treatment Mechanism:
  The body's muscles, nerves, organs, tissue cell activity will produce a weak activity, it is by living organisms in a biological changes in the electronic form of biological electron motion is produced organism unique biological electricity. In the body throughout life, are inseparable biological electron movement, it has always maintained a relative balance in imbalance. Analytical perspective from Meridian, Meridian will lead to unbalanced food chain disorder, cause human discomfort or pain.
Digital Therapy Machine using high-tech digital technology to produce low-frequency bionic current, direct effect on the human body, the human body through the meridian system role in the body, thus achieving local and systemic regulation and treatment. Bionic current low frequency effect on the human body surface points (or lesion that is Ashi) can directly stimulate the sympathetic inhibition, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improve the local blood supply and nutrition, improve the vitality of the organization, accelerate metabolism waste and inflammatory substances efflux, to inflammation, swelling, high-energy current can cause masking effect. Analgesic effect produced by the cortex timely interference and shutter mechanism, the same time, increases in serum fluid circulation can stimulate endorphin-like substances in class content, resulting in sustained analgesic effect; high energy currents can cause nerve stimulation of neuromuscular excitement and muscle contraction, resulting in motion effects, can relieve fatigue and treatment of peripheral nerve injury and paralysis.
    Therapy device can rapidly improve neck blood circulation, promote metabolism, elimination of local inflammation, helps to relieve neck and shoulder soft tissue adhesion phenomenon, so that the normal physiological function of the cervical spine and related organizations to recover, reduce neck and other parts pain, soreness, numbness. It can also quickly ease or lift the neck stiff, stiff, pain, shoulder and back heavy, muscles stiffen, headache, dizziness, vision loss, tinnitus, nausea and other symptoms caused by cervical discomfort. Achieve warm the meridians, expelling wind and dampness, Huoxuezhitong purposes.
    According to TCM qi raise blood, Huoxuetongluo scattered wind painkillers principle of external conductive pole piece, physical massage principle application of electronic acupuncture. The use of low-frequency tuning electrical impulses, imitating acupuncture massage six basic techniques, repeated spinal disc, cervical nerve roots, vertebral, vertebral artery and cervical sympathetic points for beneficial electrical impulses acupuncture massage.


The preparation before use:
● Insert the battery: the battery cover and gently pull, and then on the 7th battery 3 is loaded in accordance with the positive and negative positions.
● Prepare electrodes: patch to protect the paper gently peel off after use, then the patch on winding board.
● electrode position: with a wet towel to wipe the site to be treated, remove grease and perspiration, and then the electrode sheet pasted directly at the treatment site, two electrode pads to simultaneously placed on the surface, or can not be treated, the electrode sheets do not symmetrically placed ʱ??
Specific methods of operation:
● Turn the power on: press the switch, the LCD screen was turned on, while the treatment of acupuncture treatment mode indicator arrow pointing mode, where intensity is 0, timing of 15 minutes.
● Select English display: Press English display button, the display convertible Chinese or English.
● choice of treatment mode: press the function selection key to select acupuncture, hammering, massage, cupping, massage, Gua Sha, slimming, immunomodulatory either treatment mode.
● Adjust intensity: press strength adjustment key, adjust to the appropriate intensity.
● Timing options: choose 5-15 minutes, each time the increase in 5 minutes
3, Note:
● To use it again, please press the key to open again, repeat the above steps.
● In the treatment of the way, if you change the mode of treatment, the intensity will automatically default to 0 block, then just re-adjust the intensity to your right.
● In the treatment of the way, if you change the treatment site that changed the electrode position, you should press the key to open, shut down and then press the above steps.
● If the treatment is stopped, press the key to open, shut down and then remove the electrode.
● Remove the electrode from the host, please pull the plug part, cut suddenly pull.
Custody and maintenance methods:
● Clean Host: wipe with a soft cloth, cut suddenly to use thinner, gasoline or volatile liquids.
● Clean the electrode sheet: swag electrode sheet available on a damp cloth, or rinse immediately with water can be reused immediately after drying.
● Storage: The therapy device is placed in the reach of children, allergens from moisture, heat, direct sunlight and water splash and other places. Remove the battery unused for long periods.

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