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Visualization tools sonar to find fish fishing fish finder visual fish finder fish finder dropping water [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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1. sonar works
Sonar technology is the use of sound propagation and reflection to determine the distance and shape of the object. This product is the use of this technology, direct detection and identification of objects in water and underwater contours, sonar sensor sends an acoustic signal with a sonar sensor, when Objects will be reflected after the encounter, according to the reflection time and wave to calculate its distance and position
2. Operation and Setup button operation
POWER power button, the screen refresh
SETUP function selection
ENTER function setting button
3. Switch machine, install the sensor
Open the battery compartment in accordance with the battery installed battery identification, press the POWER button for 2 seconds to boot, full-screen display after one second into the detection state. Hold down the POWER button for 5 seconds, after dropping bang products into demo mode (note from the demo mode to normal mode, you must reboot after shutdown), when the product is installed by incorrect or out of coverage, depth option will show "- - "automatic shutdown for 5 minutes.
The sonar sensor connection and installation
Remove the plastic stopper to adjust the buoy to buoy position sensor within the range of 15-25 cm, or the length you want, not less than 15 cm, and with a rubber stopper to hold the probe line. Will be invested in the adjusted sensor and buoy fishing spots, do not force too much, otherwise it will damage the sensor. You can also use the sensor pole into a suitable location. When the boat fishing, you can press the bracket mounted to the bottom using an adjustable connector angle of 180 degrees. Be careful not to lead into the water, easily tied to other objects, you can also use the float removed.
B Function Select Settings
When turned on, press and hold the SETUP button for 3 seconds, the sensitivity icon flashing, press the SETUP button repeatedly to select other function item, left to right is sensitivity power saving mode. Alarm. Backlight Press the ENTER key to select the current Options function under. When set to 5 seconds when there is no operation button to save the options into normal operation mode.
Change the unit of measurement of C
At the same time holding down the SETUP key and ENTER key for more than five seconds, beating the current unit of measure, press the SETUP button to select "m (M), press ENTER Select" feet ", the selected unit is beating, 5 seconds without any button operation, the system will have been selected conditions of storage and return to normal operation mode.
Other D project selection
There are 5 sensitivity levels, in the case of water or dirty water is relatively deep sensitivity can be improved, in relatively shallow water, time can reduce the sensitivity, so you can ensure detection accuracy.
Select Open backlight, power consumption is relatively large, the best choice in low light time. When the backlight is off, press any key backlight lights up for 3 seconds.
In the relatively stable conditions (no waves, the boat does not swing, or take a long time to detect), can be power-saving mode, the sonar can emit intermittently in order to achieve the purpose of saving.
Under normal mode, press the POWER button to refresh the screen.
5. Analyzing fish and depth.
A depth display
When the power is turned on and the sensor into the water, the depth readings in the lower left, the depth of detection range of 0.4 to 100 meters (1.3FT-328FT) If the depth exceeds the range, depth data will show "----"
Note The "-" This show is also possible that the water is dirty, or there is a lot of silt sonar signals can be transmitted only in the bottom of the water in a single medium, if there is air between the sensor and the water, the product will not work properly. .
B fish display
When the product is detected when the fish, to the right of the scale corresponding to the position will be lit, and the display will show an icon fish and keep moving once to the right in the window after 5 seconds.
Note the fish icon from right to left, do not represent actual fish in the water is going, represent the emergence of fish, use the right window indicates the depth gauge can determine the depth of the fish are located. The depth scale is divided into 10 parts, based on the location of the fish where the fish can be estimated depth. Such as depth of 20 meters, the fish is displayed in the first five units, on behalf of fish from the surface to a depth of 10 meters, when found in fish when the alarm sound is rapid, we found a single fish when the alarm sound is slow.
If the number of C plants icon indicates there underwater plants, depending on how many plants icon appears, you can determine aquatic plants
    Plants left icon is stone mark, based on the number of stone markers, you can determine how many underwater stones. If three stone markers, indicating a large number of underwater rocks, stumps, rocks, etc.
6. The use of boat fishing and ice fishing
When the boat fishing, the use of the sensor into the water, or attached to the bottom connector use, you can also place a sensor in the bottom about 1 inch of water or smear Vaseline on the bottom of the sensor, pressing the stick in the bottom. Note that the use of these methods, if the product depth display "---", the sensor directly into the water to use.
When ice fishing, ice punch recommend the sensor into the water, if you want to probe further drilling, pay attention to ensure smooth snow removed, put a little water in the ice. Place the sensor in the water, allowing the product frozen in ice, if there is air, or ice under the ice between the sensor and the presence of air, the product will not work properly, you need to try a different place or punched into the water to use. (Note that when you remove the sensor on ice, gently pat need to play, if you can not loose, you can put a little water in the freezing point, and then the lever. If not, add water, repeat this process until the sensor loose, do not use beat hard objects can damage the product. In cold weather, very bad for electronic components recommended above 0 degrees, no time to remove the batteries to prevent battery omissions and corrosion when not stored in a dry place, do not immerse in water Do not use chemicals to clean)
7. Product Specifications
Display LCD display
Yellow-green LED backlight mode
Power Requirements 4 3A batteries (7)
Units of measurement Inch / m
Sensor radiation angle of 45 degrees
Measuring a maximum 100 m / 328 ft
Measuring the minimum 0.4 m /1.3 ft (0.8 m is recommended)
Operating temperature of minus 20 degrees -70 degrees


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