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Cisco router WRT54G wireless router LINKSYS V2 version [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Networking standards IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
54Mbps data transfer rate
Antenna 2 built-in antenna
Network Interface 1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports
Status Indicators Power, wireless connection, Ethernet (1-4), Internet, Wi-Fi protection configuration instructions
Certification FCC, UL, CE, Wi-Fi, WPA2, WMM
Environmental Standard Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃, Storage temperature: -20 ℃ -60 ℃, Humidity: 10% -85% Storage humidity: 5% -90%
Dimensions 203 * 35 * 160mm
Weight 280g

1, can brush DD-WRT MEGA, STD, MINI and many other versions of the brush before the current delivery are DD-WRT V24 NEWD MEGA version, NEWD is the meaning of the new drive, the route for the development of the new CPU, MEGA version means that the full-featured version.
2, able to brush TOMATO, if you ask brush TOMATO, then brush before shipment is 1.23 ND Chinese version, of course, you can brush dual WAN's TOMATO Chinese version;
3, able to brush WayOS of ND free four WAN port version can only use four computers, people out of the routing software, like domestic software will support it!
4, the reset button TOMATO, DD-WRT can work in the next, after a reset memory or 64M, without any operation, but also without any NVRAM operation;
5,8M hardware configuration and 64M of memory and 240MHZ CPU, the configuration and performance have been far more than the WRT54GS V1 V2 V3 V4 and other classic models! As compared to other WRT54GS V4 above the shrink WRT54G version and the full range of more seconds and then finished second antenna for the built-2DB, and is a two antennas, this stronger than WRH54G.
Hardware configuration is as follows:
Original for the 240MHZ of 5354 CPU, 2M FLASH, 8M memory, this configuration MICRO version barely run DD-WRT, the owner of this upgrade for a moment, after the upgrade configuration 64M memory, FLASH is 8M, CPU is 240MHz, so that fully able to meet both the brush DD-WRT MEGA version can brush TOMATO dual WAN version request.
About DD-WRT and applications under TOMATO not to say, anyway, the other can brush DD-WRT, TOMATO router will function, this machine also have, but this machine be sure to brush brush TOMATO ND version, Since 5354's CPU is a relatively new version of TOMATO brush old driver will not complete the boot process, and DD-WRT also should brush NEWD version, remember to remember.
Average user pages in DD-WRT firmware upgrade TOMATO of ND will prompt the wrong format, please suffix trx downloaded to Chinese firmware TOMATO tomato-ND.trx file into .bin and then choose the firmware upgrade in Files can be renamed, and must choose to restore the default settings, WayOS filename is trx of bin can also be changed in the DD-WRT in the upgrade, we recommend version 1.23 ND TOMATO, so after the latest version 1.25 After we evaluate the stability validated only upgrade preferably temporarily not recommended.
As for the other versions are not ND TOMATO firmware upgrade if you do not accidentally cause no reaction route becomes brick, this time we must use TFTP, routing the writing brush, as follows:
First your wired network card to connect to the WRT54G V8's LAN1 port, and then fixed to a wired network card IP then CMD enter into DOS mode to run XP's Start menu, the press cd \ to return to the c: disk root directory, copy downloaded to the tomato-ND.trx file to c: disk root directory in c:> cursor down to enter the following command but do not press Enter:
tftp -i put tomato-ND.trx
Unplug the power supply route, and then plug in and then see all the lights of the last remaining wired LAN network card to connect the LAN lights, about one second wired LAN connection on a local connection immediately press the Enter key in the DOS window , you will see that the wired LAN connection LAN port mad flash transfer data, about three seconds will finish with a brush or TFTP firmware will display how many KB byte transfer is complete in one second speed transmission Okay, so Description You upload firmware successfully, then wait three minutes or so you can unplug the power supply and then plug WRT54G2 look no brush-written firmware. If the failure is reported tftp Timeout occurred. TFTP way above the brush write process is repeated until the route can brush good so far. Routes nor damage. If a DOS window open more ping command ping -t to test the route can not ping generalist writing brush is best.


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